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The Risks of Not Tracking Your Fleet Drivers

It's 11 o'clock. Do you know where your drivers are? If your company isn't using fleet driver tracking, the answer is most likely "no." Keeping tabs on your fleet lets you know where your vehicles are at all times. It also means you can track driving s...

Mobile Applications to Increase Fleet Efficiency

Smartphones and other mobile devices have changed the way people go about their daily lives. Likewise, mobile apps have made it easier for businesses to operat...

Ways to Manage Fleet Driver Shortages 

One of the critical challenges in the trucking industry, especially the over-the-road sector, is a shortage of drivers. As of 2019, the industry was experiencing a shortage of...


If you operate in the trucking or delivery industry, you know how important it is to maintain fully efficient operations 24/7. Effective fleet management plays a key role in the supply chain flow. As the supply chain is a delicate system, many fleet ma...

Why Tire Maintenance Is a Must for Your Fleet 

When your fleet of trucks is on the road, you need to know your vehicles are safe and reliable. You want to be sure they'll get to their destinations safely without causing accidents or becoming delayed. 

You also need your trucks to be a s...


Today's commercial fleets are under more pressure than ever as technology and customer demands develop. To pave the way for growth, many fleets are embracing the benefits of fleet tracking solutions. 

Is tracking your fleet with GPS worth i...

Fleet Management Terminology You Should Know 

When you're responsible for a fleet of trucks, being conversant in industry lingo can make your management practices flow much more smoothly. The guide below will discuss some essential terms for fleet management and help you figure out how to incorpor...


Your drivers have an important responsibility. Whether they're transporting people or cargo, it's critical that they use the safest, most efficient driving practices to reach their destinations on time. Holding fleet drivers accountable is the best way...


More fleet managers are implementing fleet tracking solutions with dash cameras as dash camera fleet tracking can greatly increase safety and efficiency for mob...

3 Advantages of Using Fleet GPS Tracking This Winter

Winter weather is notorious for impeding road travel, especially for fleets that travel throughout the season. In addition to colder working temperatures, fleet managers and truck drivers must also contend with:

  • R...

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