5 Telematics Capabilities That Can Transform Your Fleet

This article was published on: 04/29/20 by the Robert Hall

Managing a delivery or trucking fleet means finding ways to control multiple vehicles and routes at once. The rise of tracking technology has made this easier than ever before, allowing fleet managers to monitor their drivers from almost anywhere at any time. 

Fleet telematics solutions can help you build on your strengths and satisfy many more clients. With these five main fleet telematics capabilities, you’ll be able to enhance safety and productivity among drivers while lowering the cost of operations.

Provide Real-Time Updates

If you’re operating a fleet and need to monitor driver activity frequently, there are plenty of telematics options that can provide accurate, real-time status updates. These are perfect for larger fleets or for companies that transport more sensitive cargo.

Live or real-time updates allow you to turn on the computer and find out exactly where your drivers are at any time. With telematics capabilities like these, you’ll probably wonder how you ever managed without them. 

Report Driver Behavior

You might already know that fleet management software can provide driver location updates. At the same time, most of these programs offer so much more.

While most forms of fleet tracking offer different features and benefits, a wide variety of telematics solutions allow you to monitor driver idle time, speed, braking and acceleration. You can use these capabilities to ensure employees are driving safely and reaching their destinations on time.

Streamline Maintenance

Fleet telematics provides alerts that can help you stay up to date on vehicle needs. These will protect your drivers and prevent major productivity losses in the long run.

Monitor Fuel Consumption

Every gallon of fuel used by your drivers is money out of your company’s bank account, so managing fuel consumption is one of the most effective ways to see an immediate, tangible benefit to your bottom line. 

Thanks to fleet telematics, lower fuel expenses are within your reach. Buying software that allows you to monitor driver habits will allow you to pick out employees who may be wasting fuel by going off-route or staying on idle for too long. Reducing wear and tear on your vehicles with proper maintenance strategies can also improve fuel efficiency.

Improve Route Adaptability

Sometimes, the open road can be unpredictable. One major benefit of using fleet telematics is that it helps you plan better routes. GPS tracking makes it easy to find the most efficient path so your drivers can reach their destinations on time.

While telematics improves planning, it also improves your adaptability by allowing you to respond to changes more quickly. If a traffic jam threatens to delay operations or you need a driver to take a new assignment right away, you can use location data to reroute that employee within minutes. 

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