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Real-Time Vehicle Tracking Cellular Devices

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Coyote EOB

Plug & Play Series Tracking Device

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Coyote RT

Hardwire Series Tracking Device

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Each cellular real-time vehicle tracking device comes with NetTrack, Track Your Truck’s easy-to-use monitoring and reporting software.
NetTrack improves fleet management by collecting all detailed vehicle reports into one Web-based interface with simple mapping tools.

Reliable, Convenient Real-Time GPS Vehicle Tracking

Track Your Truck’s GPS vehicle tracking devices are proven to work. We help you choose a system that best fits your needs and then we send it to you fully tested, activated and ready to use! For questions or concerns regarding your GPS tracking device, call our office for responsive customer service from a support specialist.

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Advantages of Real-Time GPS Tracking Devices

Real-time GPS tracking offers business owners and fleet managers real solutions to help improve operational efficiency and reduce losses:

  • Know where your vehicles are at all times –24/7/365 in real-time
  • Monitor your vehicles covertly
  • View your real-time tracking device location from your computer or phone
  • View routes traveled by your drivers to improve route planning
  • Monitor speed and safe driving habits of your crew
  • Track truck movements in real-time, even when power is removed
  • Receive notifications of driver tampering (with select devices)

What to Consider When Choosing a Real-Time Vehicle Tracker

With so many real-time tracking devices to consider, where should you start? Here are some questions to ask when choosing a cellular tracking device:

  • Do you prefer a plug-and-play tracking device or a hard-wired tracking device?
  • Do you need a device capable of disabling a vehicle’s ignition system remotely?
  • Do you need to monitor driver behavior such as speed of travel, braking, cornering and more?
  • Do you need a system that validates the driver ID?
  • How many updates do you need your tracking device to send?

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