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GPS Fleet Management Software

Track Your Truck’s vehicle fleet management offers the following features and benefits:

Control Fuel Waste

Greatly reduce your fuel bills by controlling idling, speeding, aggressive driving, wasted mileage and after-hours usage.

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Stop Speeding

Address speeding quickly to eliminate wasted fuel, decrease safety risks and reduce insurance premiums.

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Stop Bad Driving

Improve driving behavior by monitoring jackrabbit starts, speeding, harsh braking and bad habits in general.

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Find the closest driver to a destination. Reduce wasted time and fuel by optimizing travel routes.

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Real-Time Alerts

Know when a vehicle reaches its destination, monitor speed and idling times, and detect after-hours usage — all in real time.

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Mobile Apps

Not always in the office? That’s not a problem with NetTrack Mobile for Android and Apple iOS.

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Driver ID

Know who is driving your vehicles at all times, and verify the start and end times to supplement timesheets.

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Map Replay

See a breadcrumb trail of a vehicle’s route on a map screen to identify areas of delay.

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Truck Activity Reporting

Monitor all events in a single Truck Activity Report.

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Real-Time GPS Tracking

Always know where your vehicles are and what they are doing — at any time.

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ELD Compliance

Understanding Electronic Logging Devices And The New Rule

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Business Benefits of Vehicle Tracking Software

Today’s top fleet management software products are powerful, versatile, and agile enough to meet your needs as your business grows. Our robust NetTrack GPS software is a full-featured commercial fleet tracking software that provides concrete benefits to your business:

Truck Activity Reporting
  • Detailed reports that help you improve operations
  • Advanced reporting tools to monitor vehicles via Google Maps
  • 24/7 tracking of your trucks and drivers
  • Historical data and powerful analysis tools
  • Online reports that can be printed or downloaded as an Excel, Word, or Adobe PDF file
Mapping Technology
  • Animated Map Replay to retrace a vehicle’s route on a map
  • Bread crumb trails of each stop and change in direction
  • GPS data on vehicle location, speed, directional heading and street address
Real-Time Alerts
  • Customizable alerts powered by mobile GPS and delivered to your smart phone
  • Notifications for inactivity, speed limit exceeded, arrival and departure times and more
Mobile Apps
  • On-the-go fleet tracking via Android and Apple vehicle tracking apps
  • Software that sends comprehensive fleet tracking information to phones and tablets
  • Free downloads of the NetTrack mobile app in the Android Google Play store and Apple App Store

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How to Compare GPS Tracking Software Companies

Before choosing a fleet tracking system, consider the software that powers the various solutions. Here are questions you’ll want to consider:

  • Does the company that sells the system have their own fleet tracking software, or are they relying on a third party to provide the functionality you’re looking for? What happens if the third party software provider goes out of business or stops supporting the software?
  • Does the software provide real-time vehicle tracking, or only historical data?
  • How long has the fleet tracking company been in business? Do they have a proven track record and a strong customer base? Or are they a fly-by-night company that launched their software within the past year?
  • Is the software scalable? For example, if you want to track 1-5 trucks today, will the software track your fleet when you grow to 25 or 50 vehicles?
  • Does the software include the vehicle tracking features that are important to you? Does it offer real-time alerts, map rewind, mobile apps, driver ID verification and other must-have features?

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