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GPS Fleet Management Software

Track Your Truck’s vehicle fleet management offers the following features and benefits:

Control Fuel Waste

Greatly reduce your fuel bills by controlling idling, speeding, aggressive driving, wasted mileage and after-hours usage.

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Stop Speeding

Address speeding quickly to eliminate wasted fuel, decrease safety risks and reduce insurance premiums.

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Stop Bad Driving

Improve driving behavior by monitoring jackrabbit starts, speeding, harsh braking and bad habits in general.

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Find the closest driver to a destination. Reduce wasted time and fuel by optimizing travel routes.

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Real-Time Alerts

Know when a vehicle reaches its destination, monitor speed and idling times, and detect after-hours usage — all in real time.

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Mobile Apps

Not always in the office? That’s not a problem with NetTrack Mobile for Android and Apple iOS.

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Driver ID

Know who is driving your vehicles at all times, and verify the start and end times to supplement timesheets.

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Map Replay

See a breadcrumb trail of a vehicle’s route on a map screen to identify areas of delay.

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Truck Activity Reporting

Monitor all events in a single Truck Activity Report.

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Real-Time GPS Tracking

Always know where your vehicles are and what they are doing — at any time.

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