I simply need to know where my vehicles are to effectively manage costs & service.

  • Effective, value-focused real-time GPS Tracking
  • Devoted, personalized US-based Customer Care
  • Pay only for the features you need and use
  • Full warranty and money-back guarantee*

Higher Value | Lower Cost | Simple | Trusted

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What Makes Track Your Truck Different from Other Companies?

Confidence & Quality

At Every Level

Carrier-certified GPS vehicle tracking devices are delivered fully tested — with full warranties.

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To Bring You the Highest Value

Take control of your fleet with practical, effective tracking at a lower cost.

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What Can GPS Vehicle Tracking Equipment Do for Your Business

Control Fuel Waste

Decrease Your Fuel Bills

by controlling wasteful vehicle idling.

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Stop Speeding

Observe Posted Speed Limits

to reduce the risk of accidents and conserve fuel.

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Stop Bad Driving

Monitor Driver Behavior

to eliminate harsh braking, jackrabbit starts and harsh cornering.

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“Now I can tell where my trucks are, no matter where I am.”–– Dean Zolner, DMZ Trucking