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Pacific Track PT30

Reliable, Convenient Electronic Logging Solutions

With the implementation of the FMCSA mandate, your company’s ELD is a vital piece of your daily operation, make sure it’s one you can trust. Track Your Truck’s Electronic Log Solutions are proven to work. We can help you choose a system that best fits your needs and then we send it to you fully tested, activated and ready to use!

Different Ways to Maintain ELD Compliance

Not sure which option best suits your needs for ELD compliance? TYT has a solution regardless of your current setup:

  • The Pacific Track PT30 allows a customer to continue to utilize their current equipment such as an existing tracking module or a company issued cellphone/tablet. The PT30 connects via Bluetooth and uses a driver’s device to run the VisTracks hours of service application.
  • TYT ELD devices are compatible with J1708, J1939, or even OBD-II connections
  • To avoid a complicated and costly installation, both devices require just one plug into a vehicles ECM.
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The Importance of Combining ELD and Tracking

While electronic log devices do record vehicle location in some instances, do not be fooled into thinking that an ELD will supply you the same critical information that live GPS tracking can provide. Location updates are only provided on changes in ignition state or duty status, and once every 60 minutes while the vehicle is in operation. ELD location accuracy is only required to be within a 1-mile radius for on-duty driving, and a 10-mile radius for personal use. An electronic logs device’s sole focus is mileage and operating time. Relying solely on an ELD, you miss out on information critical to your daily operations. Vital tools such as historical data, route replay, geofencing, and alerts can only be provided by a trusted tracking provider. To maintain complete operational control over your fleet, it is absolutely vital that you pair both tracking and electronic logs.

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