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NetTrack GPS Fleet Management Reporting

Keeping track of the status and usage of the commercial vehicles in your fleet yields valuable data that can be analyzed to optimize performance and eliminate inefficiencies. GPS fleet management software offers detailed truck activity reporting that contributes significantly to improved business operations. Our GPS tracking system with reporting is customizable to your particular needs, delivering actionable insights at regular intervals from historical data you can store from 125 days up to one year.

Track Your Truck’s powerful vehicle tracking application, NetTrack features advanced reporting tools that allow you to monitor your vehicles’ activity and trends. Our GPS tracking system with reporting helps to keep track of employees and company assets 24/7 wherever you go. When you know the “when,” “where” and “why” of your vehicles and employees, you can manage a better business at a lower cost.


Benefits Of Truck Activity Reporting

It's critical to utilize the latest GPS fleet tracking reporting technology to stay competitive in your industry and maximize your return on investment.

Benefits of NetTrack’s Reporting Features include:

  • Current & Historical Fleet Performance - Monitoring the current and historical performance of your vehicles allows you to maintain your fleet better and make adjustments to procedures that optimize efficiency. You're able to store and review as much data as you want for up to a year. From reducing wear and tear to reviewing routes and identifying emerging trends, we offer the most thorough and advanced truck activity reporting in the industry.
  • Truck Activity Reports - NetTrack fleet tracking software provides Truck Activity Reports that give you a full accounting of all activity for each vehicle. Whether you're conducting an individual performance review or assessing the condition of a particular truck, you can get a big-picture overview or isolate specific data based on your requirements.
  • Point Activity Reports - With NetTrack’s Point Activity Report, you can track the amount of time spent at each location — and help minimize employee idle time. Get to the bottom of delays and instill accountability among your drivers. Detailed truck activity reporting lets you drill down into the data to mine insights that have a significant impact on your business's bottom line.
  • GPS Detail Reports - The NetTrack GPS Detail Report gives you detailed data that includes address, latitude/longitude, speed and direction heading. The system lets you click on individual vehicles on the map for in-depth truck activity reporting. Answer questions and confirm estimated times of arrival with our enhanced monitoring and data collection capabilities. That helps you deliver improved customer service and support.
  • Schedule Reports - With NetTrack’s Scheduled Reports feature, you can save time by configuring each report for automatic emailing to you. There's less manual effort when you use NetTrack. Spend less time looking for documentation and make more informed decisions about how to manage your fleet. With schedule GPS tracking reports, you and your team can stay on top of fleet activities and put the valuable information you are collecting to good use.
  • Report Export - NetTrack’s report/export feature allows you to download reports in a variety of formats, including popular Excel, Word and Adobe PDF. You can select your preferred file type to make it easier to share documents with associates, and bring consistency to your filing system.

Partnering With Track Your Truck for GPS Tracking Systems With Reporting

What's the good of collecting data on commercial vehicle activity if you're not able to analyze the information in an organized and timely fashion? Track Your Truck NetTrack GPS fleet management reporting provides a comprehensive system that reduces the time and effort you spend generating reports.

NetTrack has intuitive features designed to enhance your ability to better manage your mobile resources. We offer a variety of options in carrier-certified GPS units and are continually working to improve and expand our system capabilities.

Put your commercial fleet on the right path to success with GPS fleet tracking reports from Track Your Truck. From exceptional customer service and technical support to a full range of integrated technological solutions for advanced fleet monitoring and management, we're the one-stop shop for all your reporting needs.

Give us a call at 888-434-3848 or contact us online today to request a product demo or free quote.

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