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Stay on the Safe Side With GPS Speed Monitoring

The actions drivers take behind the wheel can have a significant impact on your business. Take the risk-free lane with the help of Track Your Truck commercial GPS speed monitoring software. Our GPS vehicle tracking solutions help you monitor and control excessive speeding.

By maintaining oversight of driver performance and monitoring vehicle activity, you can ensure that you're able to operate more safely and efficiently. Our vehicle speed monitoring is highly accurate, providing real-time tracking and allowing you to receive alerts when a member of your fleet drives over a certain speed relative to either a flat number or the current speed limit at their current location.


Benefits of Track Your Truck commercial vehicle speed tracking systems include:

  • Lower Fuel Consumption: Whether you run a commercial shipping operation or manage a fleet of school buses, filling the gas tank is one of your biggest expenses. Control your fuel costs by eliminating fuel waste due to excessive speed. GPS speed monitoring help drivers be more conscious of their habits and behaviors, encouraging them to follow best practices for getting more mileage per gallon on every trip.
  • Reduce Risk and Expenses:Speeding is a well-known cause of automobile accidents. It increases the risk of damage to your trucks and cargo. It's also more likely that an injury or fatality may occur. Our Commercial vehicle speed monitoring helps slow down fast drivers, resulting in fewer hazards and moving violations. With GPS speed monitoring from Track Your Truck, you'll enjoy seeing your safety rating go up and your insurance costs go down!
  • Real-time Alerts: Without a vehicle speed monitoring system in place, you'll only know if your drivers have been going too fast in the event they get a ticket — and you may still have to wait weeks or months to find out. Our commercial speed monitoring delivers instant alerts when vehicles travel above a pre-determined speed, so you can address poor driving habits immediately.
  • Truck Activity Reports:An isolated speeding incident isn't the only indicator that a particular employee drives too fast. Our speed monitoring software collects historical data and provides detailed reports that allow you to see speeding trends. Warn drivers with a history of speeding, and make fleet-wide adjustments that can reduce your operating costs by thousands of dollars annually.
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Control Fuel Costs

Speeding is a big fuel waster. Driving at speeds greater than the vehicle’s optimal fuel efficiency decreases gas mileage. Gas mileage drops most rapidly at speeds above 55 mph. Your drivers can increase fuel efficiency and save your company's money by observing the speed limit — it’s that simple.

How Track Your Truck Helps

Our Vehicle Tracking Service monitors vehicle speed. This allows you to analyze your driver’s behavior and take the appropriate actions to reduce fuel usage.

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Monitor Speeding on Most Roads

Controlling speed helps your drivers stay safe, avoid accidents, save lives and steer clear of expensive traffic tickets. Vehicle speed tracking also helps your company estimate arrival times, which improves customer service.

How Track Your Truck Helps

GPS tracking enables your dispatcher to determine vehicle speed by location. Find out which drivers habitually speed through residential neighborhoods and which drivers exceed highway speed limits. You can even measure changes over time in driver behavior.

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Reduce Risk and Insurance Costs

Your company can mitigate risk by controlling and curtailing excessive speeding and other poor driving behaviors. Speeding can cause accidents, which increases your insurance costs. Insurance companies believe that driving safely reduces risks, which is why premium costs are lower for safe drivers.

How Track Your Truck Helps

Installing a GPS fleet tracking system on your vehicles may lower your cost of insurance because drivers are more careful about maintaining the speed limit when they know they’re being monitored. Our fleet tracking system helps you reduce speeding, which decreases the number of traffic tickets and accidents. Your insurance company may reward your business with lower rates.

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Address Bad Driving Habits Quickly

Curbing undesirable behavior, such as speeding, as soon as it happens helps your drivers avoid traffic tickets and reduce accidents.

How Track Your Truck Helps

Curb speeding quickly with real-time speed alerts available through NetTrack. The speed-alert feature notifies you when a selected vehicle(s) exceeds the preset speed parameter. Once you know how drivers are handling your vehicles on the road, you can take corrective action immediately.

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Getting Started With Commercial Vehicle Speed Tracking Software

With vehicle speed tracking software, you can easily keep an eye on the habits of your drivers for the sake of safety and expense reduction. For example, you can set the NetTrack reporting tool to alert you any time a member of your fleet exceeds 70 miles per hour, which will allow you to dole out the proper warnings or repercussions to unsafe drivers.

Track Your Truck offers powerful Andriod and Apple mobile apps for on-the-go monitoring of commercial vehicles. We provide top-quality, carrier-approved GPS devices that install quickly and track real-time location and speed around the clock. You benefit from state-of-the-art, GPS-enabled vehicle speed monitoring, along with access to a variety of add-on options and functionalities.

Our commercial vehicle software helps your business:

  • Efficiently, accurately and conveniently track your valuable assets and employees
  • Identify and eliminate inefficiencies through detailed data reporting and analysis
  • Put an end to unsafe driving and improve the longevity of your fleet

SpeedGauge GPS Speed Monitoring Software

If you’re looking for a more extensive speed tracking system, you'll find that we've also partnered with SpeedGauge to provide software with monitoring technology that adjusts according to nearby speed limits. The benefit of this system is that it’s customizable and allows you to assess the safety of your drivers based on their speeds in specific locations or even the specific vehicle type being driven. This software is perfect for highways and town roads with variable speed requirements, and it gives you the ability to monitor your drivers while they're traveling in any state at any time.

Get GPS Speed Monitoring and More From Track Your Truck

From tracking vehicle location and speed to intuitive routing to monitoring driver behavior functionality, Track Your Truck is a reliable source for cutting-edge commercial fleet management solutions. Request a demo of our GPS vehicle speed monitoring tool and speak with a knowledgeable member of our team about developing a customized solution the fits your budget and your requirements.

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