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The Flaws Of Ordinary Tracking:

Ordinary Tracking you see with other companies typically involves a unit sending an update in regular, predetermined intervals. It is sufficient for live tracking, but does not provide a complete history for a vehicle’s activities. Having a more frequent update interval on your device can help to a degree, but often adds tons of unhelpful data making critical information more difficult to find in a sea of updates. (A seven hour trip on a 10 second update interval can result in over 2500 GPS messages!!!!)


A Better Way To Track

Smart tracking takes a different approach, giving you the most vital information about a unit’s activity, without the unnecessary clutter of high interval GPS reports.

Smart Tracking will flag and report when any of the following events occur:

  • Anytime a vehicle turns more than 60 degrees
  • Vehicle starts, stops, and standstills
  • Accelerometer Events - Acceleration, Braking, Cornering
  • Any change to the unit’s power supply or wiring connections

If there are no turns, ignition or accelerometer events, the unit will default back to its programmed update interval, providing you with continual updates on location, heading, and speed.

Why Is Smart Tracking Important?

To show exactly what we are talking about, the images below will help you understand what Smart Tracking can offer you. As you’ll see, with Smart Tracking, the route your vehicle takes will be much easier to view while being able to know exactly where they went.

Without Smart Tracking

With Smart Tracking

When comparing ordinary tracking to Track Your Truck’s Smart Tracking, the difference simply jumps off the page! Driving the same exact route with and without Smart Tracking gives you two very different results. On the left, all you can see is a start and a stop, along with one ordinary update. On the right, you get the start and stop along with 8 fresh updates showing the vehicle’s live location and the exact route it took. With Smart Tracking, you will be much better informed of all of your vehicle’s movements.

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