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Fleet Fuel and Mileage Tracking

At Track Your Truck, we use the latest and most accurate fleet mileage tracking technology to help your business conserve fuel and money by monitoring and adjusting driver behavior. Our fleet mileage tracking will allow you to monitor excessive speed to reduce fuel consumption, promote safe driving with harsh braking and aggressive driving behavior alerts, eliminate nonbusiness usage by monitoring vehicles after hours and provide efficient directions with our Google Routing feature to cut down on hours on the road.

Our GPS vehicle tracking promotes successful fleet management by calculating the return that your vehicles provide your business. Our fleet fuel and mileage tracking make it simple to adhere to tax regulations by helping to manage the mileage and vehicle expense logs. Our system will help you cut down on administrative tasks while improving your overall accuracy and compliance by tracking usage of company vehicles and providing detailed fleet mileage reports.


  • Stop needless and wasteful idling using our StandStill report tool
  • Monitor excessive speed, which needlessly consumes large amounts of fuel
  • Stop jackrabbit starts, harsh braking and aggressive driving with our Driver Behavior feature
  • Curtail nonbusiness use with after-hours monitoring
  • Limit wasted miles by directing drivers in unfamiliar areas using Google Routing
The front view of a yellow truck that is controlling fuel waste
Eliminate Needless and Wasteful Idling

When vehicle engines idle, they waste fuel, which impacts the amount of money your business spends. A vehicle that idles for 10 seconds expends just as much gas as it takes to restart the engine. Our vehicle tracking systems improve air quality and help protect the environment by providing you with fuel consumption data to determine the number of times a vehicle is idling. Our fuel and mileage tracking reduces idle time for fleets by sending alerts, enabling you to cut down on unnecessary spending.

How Track Your Truck Helps

Track Your Truck vehicle tracking service generates a StandStill report that will allow you to monitor the duration time of a vehicle that was running but motionless. Reduce idle time for fleets and wasted fuel with our tracking services.

A speedometer at 100 mph
Monitor Excessive Speed

The number of miles put on a vehicle impacts the money you spend on gas and maintenance fees. At excessive speeds above 55 mph, the vehicle's fuel efficiency decreases gas mileage. This fact means that speed is not necessarily good for the efficiency of the vehicle and the delivery of products.

With our fleet fuel and mileage tracking, drivers can increase miles per gallon and help your business save a considerable amount of fuel and money. Our tracking systems can monitor the vehicle's speed limit, making you more conscious of the speed and fuel usage on fleets — which promotes safety and allows you to save money.

How Track Your Truck Helps

Setting a speed limit for each of your vehicles will allow you to take notice of excessive speeds. Next, you can analyze your report and take appropriate actions.

Truck driver holding onto a steering wheel
Stop Jackrabbit Starts, Harsh Braking and Aggressive Driving

Aggressive driving in the form of speeding, harsh acceleration and braking is unsafe and increases the wear and tear of vehicles. Driving aggressively also lowers gas mileage, which wastes gas and money.

With our tracking services, you can save more than just money by eliminating aggressive driving. Checking on increases and decreases in speed will help your business eliminate aggressive driving and bad habits. Our tracking devices track various driving behaviors that are recorded and generated into reports and alerts to keep you updated and keep your drivers safer.

How Track Your Truck Helps

Businesses increasingly rely on GPS tracking systems to monitor their employees' driving. Our Vehicle Tracking Service's Driver Behavior Feature will alert you to bad driving habits, giving you the information you need to modify driving behavior.

Front view of a blue fleet truck
Curtail Nonbusiness Use

Tracking the personal usage of company vehicles is important for reducing wasted fuel. Our Track Your Truck vehicle tracking service will monitor after-hours use of your vehicles to eliminate the personal use of company cars. Our automated fuel management systems will help you reduce the nonbusiness use of vehicles to save you time and money while improving the efficiency and longevity of your vehicles.

How Track Your Truck Helps

Our GPS tracking software will tell you where your vehicles are, where they've been and when they were driven. Once you find out that after-hours driving is a problem, you can put the brakes on unauthorized usage.

Limit Wasted Miles by Directing Drivers in Unfamiliar Areas

To eliminate aimless driving, searching for addresses and wasting fuel, GPS systems provide precise locations and directions. Without the use of a GPS system in an unknown area, drivers are forced to drive around until they locate their destination, which affects gas consumption and customer satisfaction. With GPS, drivers will know where they're going and be able to get there in a timely manner, saving you gas and money while improving the quality of your services.

How Track Your Truck Helps

The Track Your Truck main map screen and Google Routing feature will let you see where a vehicle is on a detailed Google map — from any computer with an internet connection. Pinpoint locations, plan the route and communicate the information to your drivers.

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