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Veosphere Premium All-in-One Solution

Product Features:

  • A commercial grade solution combining full compliant electronic logging with proven, reliable tracking service from TYT
  • Includes Rugged 7" Android Tablet with LTE Data Plan, and industry first in cab charging cradle with mandated LED malfunction indicator, all with an integrated tracking device
  • Supports the entirety of your fleet, compatible with Heavy Duty J1708 and J1039, Light Duty OBDII
  • Easy self-install, powered by a single plug and play cable
  • Easy-to-use web-based Administration Console
  • Includes IFTA Reporting and DVIR reports
  • Fully FMCSA Certified VeoSphere / Vistrack Android product

Service Details:

  • The included VisTrack Hours of Service dashboard was designed with drivers in mind, features an easy to learn and navigate interface, and a synchronized portal for near real time back office management
  • Utilize the full suite of Track Your Truck capabilities
  • Over-the-air programming and firmware updates. Keep your equipment up to date without having to take your vehicle off of the road

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