Long Term Evolution (LTE) GPS Tracking Devices – Why Upgrade?


The average consumer upgrades their cell phone almost every 23 months. The average lifecycle of a computer is roughly about 4 years. Advancements in hardware, available features, and the subsequent benefits available to businesses makes these upgrades well worth the investment, and most companies plan accordingly. This same principle applies to GPS equipment. Customers using older hardware are missing out on years’ worth hardware and system advancements. With the release of 4G Long Term Evolution (LTE) units, now is the perfect time to consider upgrading current GPS equipment, the benefits are quite substantial:

Better coverage

  • • Utilizing the latest in 4G LTE networks from either AT&T and Verizon, newer devices are sure to have a far better coverage footprint, leading to more consistent, real-time updates

New Form Factors

  • • The days of always having to hardwire a unit into a vehicle are over. Customers putting devices into standard passenger vehicles or pickup trucks can now utilize devices that plug into a vehicles ODB-II port. It’s a simple plug and play installation, saving you time and money.
  • • Hardwired devices now come with independent power harnesses, meaning customers without an available OBD port looking for a more portable solution can still utilize a hardwired device with a custom 20 pin – 12 volt adapter cable.

Integrated backup battery

  • • A loss of power used to mean an immediate loss of tracking data, however all our TYT’s latest GPS Tracking Devices have an integrated backup battery. Should a device lose its main power connection, (either accidentally or from driver tampering) the GPS device continues to track, allowing you time to address the power issue without the loss of data.

Utilize new features

  • • Newer units contain an accelerometer in order to monitor excessive acceleration, sharp turning, and varying degrees of harsh braking. Combined with alerts for specific occurrences, you can make absolutely sure your company vehicles are being operated as safely as possible.
  • • Add-on features such as temperature monitoring or driver identification are also available

For almost 20 years, Track Your Truck has consistently been on the forefront of implementing the latest technology and passing its benefits on to our customers. As we’ve stated before, not all tracking systems are equal, and the same goes for the devices. In order to get the most out the system and gain the most value for your money, an upgrade is well worth considering. You can see all of our products here.

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“A few years ago, I bought 6 GPS devices from Track Your Truck and had them installed on my vans. These devices have definitely given me more control with tracking hours and helping to make sure each drives safely.”
– Greg L. Painting Contractor

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