Top 5 Fleet Management Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

This article was published on: 08/21/20 by the Robert Hall

If you’re a fleet manager, you probably have a huge weight on your shoulders. There are many variables to consider, and the performance of every driver reflects on your business. While expertise in the field is something that comes with time, certain mistakes can cost you money and impact customer satisfaction. So why do fleet plans fail? Here are a few common mistakes to keep in mind as you develop a fleet management strategy.

1. Developing Non-Measurable Strategies

One of the biggest mistakes fleet managers make is developing plans that are too unreasonable to follow. The mistake is compounded by not having a feedback loop in place to know where the plans are failing. This can lead to employee turnover, and is also an inefficient use of time. 

To make a plan succeed, you need to have measurable goals and actionable data. Knowing what works and what doesn’t will help you make smarter business decisions and adapt more easily to changes.

2. Skipping Vehicle Maintenance

Sometimes, it seems easy to put off maintenance when all your vehicles are in different places at different times. The downside is that skipping maintenance and repair procedures can impact vehicle performance, fuel costs, and driver safety.

To prevent unexpected breakdowns and costly last-minute repairs, stay up to date on vehicle maintenance. Fleet management software can help track vehicle status and efficiency within your fleet.

3. Getting Overwhelmed

The pressure of managing an entire crew can be exhausting, especially as business begins to scale. An important part of succeeding as a fleet manager is learning how to keep operations moving while juggling multiple responsibilities at once. If you’re getting overwhelmed, it might be time to enlist extra help by utilizing technology to simplify and clarify what you should be focusing on. Vehicle tracking software can help identify possible pain points before they become an issue, which will allow you to be proactive. Fleet management software can help you understand where the inefficiencies are, and to help decide when it’s time to take action. 

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4. Misreading the Data

Some fleet managers who feel rushed or lack experience may use incomplete or incorrect data while making major decisions. In some cases, they may misinterpret the data altogether and make mistakes that damage both profits and productivity.

The right technologies will interpret large volumes of data and provide solutions to those data points in a clear, actionable way. If your fleet technology is confusing or unclear, it’s easy to be inefficient and misinterpret the data. 

5. Letting Communication Slide

Communication is key when you manage a commercial fleet, yet one of the most common mistakes of fleet managers is failing to develop an effective communication strategy. You need to be able to reach employees at all hours of the day when they travel to job sites and delivery locations. Letting these important connections slide can lead to confusion, frustration and late arrival times. The satisfaction of your customers or clients depends on your ability to communicate quickly and efficiently.

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