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Company Vehicle Tracking Systems

If you need a new method to streamline your business transportation or delivery processes, get started with GPS tracking for your company vehicles. Vehicle tracking systems give you real-time location, speed and road updates with the help of attachable tracking devices and our easily accessible NetTrack application.

For small to medium-sized businesses, a tracking system will have a positive effect on safety, energy efficiency and costs. Keep reading to learn more about how company vehicle GPS tracking can benefit you.


Benefits of Company Vehicle Tracking

  • Manage Your Employees: Tracking software gives you with frequent updates throughout the day, as well as detailed reports about your drivers and their habits. You can use this knowledge to maximize safety, ensure that your employees are making the most of their time on the road and reduce unnecessary overtime hours.
  • Increase Productivity: GPS tracking devices allow employees to serve customers more efficiently. With access to traffic and road conditions, you can direct drivers toward alternative routes so they can reach their destination on time.
  • Prevent Theft: By keeping track of vehicle locations, you can monitor for suspicious activity and develop a plan in case a vehicle goes off-route. With the help of a GPS tracking device, you will have a better chance of recovering a stolen vehicle quickly.
  • Assess Your Resource Utilization: Are you using your company’s resources to their full potential? It’s challenging to measure resource utilization unless you have the right management system. With GPS fleet tracking, you can receive accurate resource data on a regular basis. This will allow you to analyze and develop ways to make full use of all resources.

Company Car Tracking — Benefits to You & Your Employees

With the real-time collection of data in a work vehicle tracking system, you can ensure that delivery employees reach their destination as quickly and safely as possible. You can monitor potential hazards and delays and determine alternate options using only your computer or phone. This capability eliminates inefficiencies so you can serve more clients. Plus, you can update customers so they know when their delivery or service will arrive.

Tracking also acts as protection for your employees. If an employee is accused of reckless driving during a delivery, you can use the Track Your Truck management system to determine whether your employee was driving safely.

How Sales Employee Vehicle Tracking Improves Efficiency

Company vehicle tracking gives you more control over sales employees who meet with clients off-site. You can monitor the location of your business vehicles, track how much time employees spend at appointments, then make adjustments as necessary.

When employees meet with customers at different locations, communication can be difficult, resulting in late or missed appointments. With tracking software, you can give employees more accountability for staying on top of sales appointments and their own productivity.

Learn How Company Car GPS Tracking Systems Can Help Your Business — Get a Free Demo Today

Boost your business efficiency with Track Your Truck’s reliable, intuitive company vehicle GPS tracking software and devices. To get started with a tracking solution today, contact us for a quick quote or to request a demo.

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