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A GPS tracking tower

Certified GPS Carrier Partners

Track Your Truck’s GPS vehicle tracking systems are certified by top carrier partners, ensuring that your system performs as expected at all times. Our thorough, high-level carrier certification process involves rigorous testing and approval, resulting in quality vehicle tracking devices you can count on.

Benefits of Carrier-Certified Devices

  • Assurance that the device will perform as expected
  • Elimination of integration and development risks
  • All FCC, PTCRB and GSM/CDMA network requirements are attained
  • Time and money saved by using a carrier-certified device
    • FCC, PTCRB and GSM/CDMA required approvals can add up to $55,000 in additional costs
    • FCC, PTCRB and GSM required approvals can add up to six months product launch time

What Carrier Certification Means

Our GPS tracking devices are put through a high-level carrier certification process before we offer them to our customers. Rigorous testing helps ensure that our products perform — without problems — on the wireless networks. Our fleet tracking devices have been thoroughly tested and inspected in multiple labs before approval by our trusted carrier partners.

Real Vehicle Tracking Solutions from Real People

At Track Your Truck, we are committed to matching your business with the most effective vehicle tracking system. From pure satellite to cellular solutions, we help you find the plan that improves your business and profits. You receive the right GPS tracking device fully tested and activated, so you can start tracking vehicles and increasing cash flow right away! If you have questions about your tracking system, call our office for live, real-time support from caring support staff.

Call Track Your Truck and start managing a better business today!

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