“Passive” GPS Tracking Devices

At Track Your Truck, we are committed to providing a passive GPS tracking device that matches your unique business requirements. Passive GPS tracking systems are affordable solutions for companies with trailers and containers operating within cellular coverage areas for a majority of the time. When you know the detailed status of your vehicles at all times, you can better manage your company assets for improved security and service.

Our "passive" vehicle tracking systems allow for infrequent, periodic data transfer. Depending on the device, GPS updates can be as frequent as every two minutes when connected to a power source, or between one and six updates per day when using the internal battery. Our passive tracking devices are completely waterproof and sealed for exterior mounting as well as certified by major wireless carriers for upmost reliability. Antennas are concealed internally to prevent tampering.

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passive gps tracking device for commercial trailers
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Do you need more information about our passive GPS tracking devices? Track Your Truck helps you choose the best system for your needs and then we send it to you fully tested, activated and ready to use! If you have any questions or concerns regarding your GPS tracking device, please call our office to speak with a professional support specialist.

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