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GPS Trailer Tracking Systems

Managing a fleet that includes trailers comes with concerns about everything from cargo theft to construction that delays deliveries. Due to these and a myriad of other issues, tracking a trailer with GPS has never been more important to your bottom line. Fortunately, tracking a trailer also has never been easier. Track Your Truck can provide you with a GPS trailer tracking system designed to improve operations efficiency, driver safety and the chances of recovery in the event of theft.


  • Can’t find a piece of equipment and forced to rent? When you use GPS trailer tracking, expensive rentals will be a thing of the past.
  • Know where your trailers are at all times, so you can better plan scheduling and routing.
  • Trailer tracking helps you eliminate equipment and driver downtime.
  • Tracking trailers allows maintenance personnel to efficiently find and service your vital machinery, reducing equipment wear and maintenance costs while increasing profits.
  • A GPS trailer tracking system can help you prevent deliveries from being disrupted. When your customers are satisfied in your services, they will trust your brand and depend on your company for future shipping needs.

About GPS Trailer Tracking

It’s beneficial to learn how GPS trailer tracking works before investing your time and money. A truck trailer tracking system uses GPS technology to provide the exact location of a truck or trailer in real-time. This puts your dispatchers and truck drivers on the same proverbial map throughout a delivery and makes it easy for you to update customers and shippers as necessary. Using this automated system, there will be no more second-guessing or spending extra energy providing cargo tracking information. You can monitor your fleet anywhere an Internet connection exists.

At Track Your Truck, we operate our Network Operations Center 24 hours a day, seven days a week — even on all holidays. Our customer support team is always ready to service your needs for your fleet’s GPS trailer tracking system. Our system is also set up to provide live tracking, automatic refreshing and detailed activity reports via your smartphone, tablet or laptop computer.

Using your GPS Trailer Tracker

At Track Your Truck, we provide our fleet owners with GPS trailer tracking devices that use both a wired connection and a rechargeable battery. When a trailer is tethered to a cab and moving, regular updates are sent every 120 seconds. When a trailer is not in operation, the unit relies on its backup battery and sends an update every 4 hours. If your battery power gets low, our low battery notification lets you know it is time for a recharge.

Critical updates when moving, and peace of mind when stationary, this is the way to go when working with fleet tracking in the regional or long-haul truckload sector.

Choose the Top-Rated Truck Tracking System Today

Minimize the risk to your fleet by selecting the best-rated system to track your trailer using GPS technology. Track Your Truck is dedicated to helping fleet operators discover the best tracking solutions for any industry and haul types.

We have a team of support staff ready to assist you and answer all of your questions about GPS tracking technology. Get started today. We will help you find the right system for your fleet and company. Our GPS tracking devices are tested and activated before reaching you. Just open the box and start tracking.

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