over the road carrier vehicle using covert gps tracking

Covert GPS Vehicle Tracking

Covert vehicle tracking solutions are ideal for businesses that must protect their assets through detailed monitoring and reporting without the awareness of employees or drivers. With Track Your Truck covert vehicle tracking capabilities, you prevent potential inventory loss and closely monitor your employees’ whereabouts and hours. When you know the ins and outs of your vehicles’ operations 24/7, you can manage a better business at a lower cost.


  • A real-time covert GPS tracker lets you know where your vehicles and inventory are at all times, so you can even monitor your equipment after hours and minimize unauthorized use
  • Learn how your employees are spending their time, at what speed they’re driving and how long it takes them to pick up, deliver and perform their duties
  • Increase safety and security with stolen-vehicle tracking, and facilitate locating and recovering of lost or stolen vehicles

Why Your Business Should Use Hidden Vehicle Tracking Devices

The vehicles in your commercial fleet are some of your most important and most expensive assets, and such vital business assets deserve protection. With Track Your Truck's hidden tracking devices for cars, trucks and other commercial vehicles, you can track vehicles covertly from anywhere using GPS tracking apps with real-time alerts.

Our hidden GPS tracker attaches discretely to your vehicles and provides live tracking data on vehicle locations, driving behaviors, and more. Powerful reporting and mapping tools let you know if vehicles deviate from approved routes, idle unexpectedly, or exhibit unsafe driving patterns. You can even use our covert trackers to detect employees who are cutting corners or sleeping on the job. And because you're tracking vehicles covertly, you don't need to worry about employees disabling built-in tracking devices or circumventing your monitoring systems.

You can also rely on hidden vehicle trackers to help you find a missing or stolen truck -- recover your property from unsuspecting car thieves.

Where Does a Hidden Car Tracking Device Go?

You have a number of options for where to place a covert GPS device. Possible install locations include:

  • • Inside a rear or front bumper
  • • Behind the sun visor on the passenger side
  • • Hidden within the dashboard
  • • Under or inside of a seat cushion
  • • Inside the brake lights
  • • Somewhere on the car or truck’s undercarriage

Covert GPS Tracking Devices and Reliable Support

Track Your Truck covert vehicle tracking systems are easy to set up and easy to use. Just give us a call to speak with one of our friendly representatives about the many different tracking features and options, from pure satellite to cellular systems, and we will customize a tracking solution that best fits your needs. Our systems are delivered tested, activated and ready to use, so you can start tracking vehicles right away. Count on our dedicated support team for answers to all of your questions.

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