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Car Tracking Systems

Our GPS tracking devices for cars provide a wealth of information you can use to improve your business. When you track your company cars, you receive regular updates on vehicle location, speed and direction of travel. In addition to tracking your employees, this information can be used for planning and coordination purposes, boosting your ability to serve customers in the best way possible.

Real-time car tracking devices report location as frequently as every 30 seconds, which allows you to view the vehicle’s location, direction and speed practically instantaneously. Let Track Your Truck help you understand the value of utilizing real-time tracking devices for cars and how your business will benefit.



  • Detailed reports help you manage your employees — reducing downtime and overtime, and improving your drivers’ skills
  • Increase productivity by giving employees traffic updates and revised routes so they can reach clients and other locations faster
  • Help prevent theft and curtail unauthorized use by knowing where your vehicles are at all times; if a theft does occur, you may be able to recover your vehicle quickly
  • Gain accurate information about your fleet that you can use to assess your resource utilization

How Car Tracking Works

Car tracking with Track Your Truck is quite simple. Once you select the system that will best suit your needs, each vehicle will be equipped with a vehicle tracking device that sends data via cellular or satellite networks. That data is sent to the Track Your Truck application, NetTrack, which you can access through any web-enabled device. This puts real-time data in your hands whenever you need it, so you can accurately track and manage all cars in your fleet. Our system includes advanced mapping and reporting software, providing you data to make better dispatch and maintenance decisions.

Learn more about how car tracking with Track Your Truck works, and see how simple it can be to manage your fleet more efficiently and effectively.

Car Tracking for Delivery Businesses

Modern delivery businesses have two primary goals. First, they need to deliver their products to their customer in a timely manner, with accurate delivery time estimates. Second, they need to know where their cars and drivers are to ensure efficient use of company vehicles. Track Your Truck's car tracking systems can help with both. If you are operating a delivery fleet, Track Your Truck is ready to make it as efficient as possible.

With Track Your Truck, you can have instant data about where your delivery drivers and vehicles are any time you need it. This allows you to accurately update customers about intended delivery times, improving customer service. You can also gather data about driver behavior, allowing you to put a stop to anything that is driving up fuel costs or creating delays unnecessarily.

Because Track Your Truck's tracking systems are designed for small and medium businesses, you can use them for virtually any size fleet. Perhaps you have a fleet of just a couple of pizza delivery vehicles; this is not a problem for Track Your Truck. Maybe you have a larger fleet that delivers products to customers all across your city. Again, Track Your Truck has a tracking solution to fit your needs. Contact our team today to find out which of our car tracking systems will be the best fit for you.

Track Sales Professionals to Improve Your Effectiveness

When you manage sales professionals, you need them to get your products/services in front of as many potential customers as possible — yet without tracking, you lose control of their whereabouts the minute they leave the office. Track Your Truck's car tracking programs are a great fit for sales fleets, giving some of that control back to you.

Know where your sales team is at any moment, with gps tracking for sales reps. Track the amount of time they spend with a particular client or customer, and send the closest salesperson to your next appointment when the need arises. With real-time data, you add a layer of accountability to ensure your team is working efficiently to promote your products/services. Manage staff more efficiently, reduce employee downtime and track your sales inventory effectively with Track Your Truck's sales vehicle tracking systems.

Vehicle Tracking Devices for Cars

To learn more about how GPS car trackers can improve the efficiency of your business, contact Track Your Truck. We’ll listen to your business needs and equip you with the device that’s most appropriate for your company. Setup is simple, and our devices are delivered fully tested, activated and ready to use. Start tracking right out of the box!

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