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GPS Bus Tracking System

An advanced bus tracking system from Track Your Truck lets you know where your buses are, when they will arrive at certain stops and even how fast they are traveling. With the detailed reporting capabilities of the right tracking system, you can provide outstanding customer service and improve efficiency, profitability, safety and security. GPS bus tracking systems from Track Your Truck are an essential component of the modern public transportation system. If your city has a viable population, you can enjoy significant bus tracking benefits by monitoring your fleet and improving cost efficiency, safety and profitability. Private bus companies will notice similar benefits when using the right tracking system.

For example, a chronic problem with buses is routing overlap and poor spacing. Passengers spend too much time waiting, only to have two buses heading to the same destination arrive within minutes of each other. This is inefficient, costly and a detriment to your service record. With GPS bus tracking systems, you can stagger buses on a single route while monitoring traffic conditions and minimizing wait times for passengers at bus stops. Passengers who get timely service will be impressed with the service they receive, will be more likely to use the bus system in the future and you will realize improvement of the bus fleet's efficiency and fuel costs. Fleet managers can also use the information to monitor long-term trends and adjust routes and bus stops accordingly to increase productivity and cut fuel costs.



  • Real-time schedule monitoring allows the dispatcher to identify and quickly correct problems such as spacing and congestion
  • GPS tracking software allows managers to change inefficient routes in order to save fuel costs
  • Fleet managers enjoy improved safety with accurate location information
  • Service is improved for the community and more customers are willing to travel by bus because of this improved service record

Reliable GPS Bus Tracking

Track Your Truck's vehicle tracking systems has key features ideal for city bus fleets. Our proprietary durable design and thoroughly tested systems have provided reliable tracking for years. Through the power of GPS satellite triangulation, these systems pinpoint the location of your buses down to a few feet. With real-time updates, you can view bus location, speed and road conditions so you can correctly estimate arrival times, route drivers around potential delays and adjust driver behavior when needed. These systems are easy to use. Simply install the device onto each of your buses, login to your interface and begin tracking using your own dedicated system.

If you are ready to start enjoying these and other bus tracking benefits, contact the Track Your Truck team today for a quote or free demo of our tracking systems.

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