A white car being towed by a wreck service company

Tow Truck GPS Tracking Systems

As an owner of a towing or wrecker service, getting to the stranded customer quickly is a key to your success. If you can deliver a tow truck quickly in the moment of need, you will grow your business through the power of satisfied customers. GPS vehicle tracking can help make that possible. Our easy-to-use GPS tow truck tracking system will help you to:

  • Manage your entire wrecker fleet on one screen with our simple-to-use software, so you always know the location of your vehicles.
  • Know the speed, location and direction of all tow trucks and wreckers in your fleet.
  • Win more jobs by being the first tow truck on the scene.
  • Recover missing wreckers by providing the last known GPS coordinates for missing or stolen assets.
  • Improve arrival time predictions to increase customer satisfaction.
  • Dispatch the closest truck to limit wait times for customers.
  • Verify authorize use by monitoring PTO on/off events
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Get to Customers More Quickly With Tow Truck GPS Tracking

With Track Your Truck, you can know, in real time, where your wreckers are. The system will give you accurate locations for all vehicles in your fleet, so you can dispatch the one closest to the customer, getting service where it is needed quickly. In addition, the system will help you route your drivers around traffic delays, improving the timeliness of their arrival on the scene. Being first on the scene will keep you in the mind of customers for future needs, helping ensure you are getting more jobs.

Reduce Risks for Your Fleet With Wrecker Fleet Management

Fleet tracking for wreckers is a great way to make your fleet more efficient, but that's just one benefit of these systems. Track Your Truck's fleet tracking system also helps your your fleet reduce risks. With driver accountability comes better, safer driver practices. Reduce unsafe driving practices while also ensuring that your drivers are driving as efficiently as possible by tracking their behaviors on the road.

Track Your Truck's wrecker truck fleet management programs also reduce the risk of theft of your wreckers. By giving you exact GPS locations, you can help law enforcement professionals track down your trucks if they are stolen, returning your valuable equipment more quickly. Finally, with our fleet management system, you can streamline maintenance, reducing the risk of on-the-road breakdowns and the lost time they create for your business.

Simple and Scalable Tow Truck Tracking GPS Service

At Track Your Truck, we have designed our GPS tracking system to be simple to use, allowing you to begin tracking your vehicles almost immediately — and seeing an improved customer experience without the need to embrace a long learning curve. You can track your fleet from any location (as long as you have Internet access), even on a tablet or smartphone — so the system goes with you into the field.

All equipment will come certified, activated and tested, so all you have to do is install it, equip your trucks with the GPS devices and begin using it. Our systems were designed for small businesses, so even if your fleet of wreckers has just a few trucks, you'll be able to benefit. Our system is completely scalable, so it can be effective for you no matter the size of your fleet.

Wrecker Tracking Services That Fit Your Budget

The benefits of fleet management for your wrecker fleet are also cost-effective. You'll find that Track Your Truck is one of the most affordable GPS systems for towing companies on the market today.

If you are serious about delivering exceptional service to your customers and want the benefit of GPS tracking to help, call Track Your Truck today to learn more about our wrecker GPS tracking system, or to schedule a demonstration. With our help, you can ensure knowing where your trucks are at all times so you can reach your customers as quickly as possible, all for a lower cost than you might think. Let's get started today!