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When you lease a fleet to a company, its employees use your vehicles to get from point A to point B, transport cargo and make deliveries. You may not always know who is driving your vehicles, but GPS lease tracking lets you see where they go.

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How Do Trackers for Fleet Leasing Companies Work?

GPS tracking involves plugging a unit into the OBDII port or hard-wiring it into the vehicle. Mounting your tracking unit out of the driver’s reach is essential. We recommend installing GPS devices under the dash or the seat to prevent intentional disabling.

Depending on the tracking option you choose, your units will use either cellular or satellite signals to update the vehicle’s location at a specific interval. With our NetTrack application, you can use our web-based lease management software platform to track each fleet’s vehicles in real time. Our desktop application is fully integrated, and you can access crucial information through our smartphone interface.

4 Benefits of Tracking Your Rental Fleets

GPS tracking for vehicle rentals benefits both your company and your clients. Here are four advantages of installing tracking devices.

1. Promoting Safety

If you tell the companies that rent your vehicles about the GPS tracking devices, they will encourage employees to drive safely. The knowledge that you can monitor a vehicle’s location and potential misuse deters such behavior. Promoting safe driving reduces the probability of accidents, which lowers operational costs and wear and tear on your fleet.

Even if a company is unaware of your GPS trackers and lease contract management software, you can pinpoint where your rates should fluctuate based on how individual companies treat their vehicles.

2. Scheduling Maintenance and Repairs

Tracking how far your vehicles move and how often a client uses their fleet with our equipment lease management software can give you insight as to when you should schedule preventive maintenance. Avoid as many breakdowns as possible by making sure every vehicle receives regular repairs.

Some companies are more vigilant than others about the fleets they rent. Look out for your vehicles to prevent costly issues that stem from a lack of maintenance.

3. Recovering Vehicles

Unforeseen circumstances happen. When they do, GPS lease tracking software is instrumental in recovering vehicles. Breakdowns, accidents and theft can separate your rental vehicles from your clients.

When you receive alerts and mapping data on a single lease tracking spreadsheet, you can almost always find your vehicles. What’s more, trackers enable you to share that location data with the authorities if necessary.

4. Sharing Information With Renters

If you tell your customers that you’ve equipped your fleet with tracking units, you can work with them to glean other benefits from your GPS devices. Under these arrangements, companies can:

  • Assign vehicles to specific employees to track their behavior.
  • Reduce operational costs and improve productivity.
  • Offer mileage reports for tax and accounting purposes.
  • Establish maintenance intervals that fit into all parties’ schedules.
  • Boost renter satisfaction with transparency and additional services.
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GPS Tracking Solutions From Track Your Truck

At Track Your Truck, we offer premium GPS tracking for vehicle rentals. Browse our GPS tracking devices for fleet leasing companies here. Do you want to know more? Request a quote on Track Your Truck’s GPS tracking for fleet leasing companies today!

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