Bus GPS Tracking System

Do you need a reliable way to increase your bus fleet’s cost-effectiveness and safety when employees are on the road?

If so, Track Your Truck offers bus fleet tracking that allows you to see the status of your vehicles, wherever they are on the map. With this technology, you can increase the productivity, efficiency and service of your transportation company.

Why Is Bus Fleet Tracking Important?

Bus fleet GPS tracking allows you to monitor bus locations and schedules in real-time from almost any location. This makes it easier to plan and manage bus routes to improve efficiency and ensure precise arrival times.

With a bus fleet management system, you can fix any inconsistencies and create a tighter, safer schedule that will make the lives of drivers and passengers easier. This is especially important for populated areas where traffic congestion and overlap become prevalent.

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Bus Tracking
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Benefits of Bus Fleet Tracking & Fuel Monitoring Systems

  • Real-Time Scheduling: Monitor all your schedules from a single bus tracking device with fleet tracking management. Real-time scheduling helps you ensure adequate spacing between arrival times and greater passenger satisfaction.
  • Fuel Cost Savings: The longer the bus route, the more fuel required for the bus to reach its destination. With bus GPS tracking devices, you can determine faster, easier routes that will cut down on fuel expenses over time. Improved budgets leave room for business advancements that will help your company serve more people and increase revenue.
  • Improved Safety: With detailed location information provided by GPS fleet tracking, you can make sure that drivers follow the intended routes or find alternative routes in the event of poor road conditions. Location awareness improves the security of your daily operations.
  • Improved Service: With greater efficiency and safety, you can provide excellent service to passengers. A better track record means people are more likely to continue using your public transportation services.
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School Bus GPS Tracking System

A school bus GPS tracker tells you where your buses are, when they will arrive at various locations, and how carefully they are being driven. With a school bus tracking system from Track Your Truck, you can coordinate bus schedules among a district’s schools, improve on-time performance and increase safety.

School bus tracking software reporting lets you verify routes and schedules, change routes to accommodate a new housing development, avoid traffic congestion and track driver behavior. Analyzing driver behavior is particularly important to school bus companies because the children’s safety and security is vital. You can set parameters to monitor arrival times, excessive speed and aggressive driving. School bus tracking alerts you when something out of the ordinary happens to delay the bus’s arrival, so you can allay the fears of parents and school administrators.

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Reliable Bus Fleet GPS Tracking

Access real-time location, speed and road condition updates on your computer or mobile device with a GPS tracking device for buses from Track Your Truck. We test our systems to ensure their reliability and ease of use, so you can take control over your fleet, routes and driver habits. Contact us now to request a quote!

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