Top 3 Benefits For Tow Truck Tracking


How efficient is your tow truck company? When a customer is stranded at the side of the road and calls for service, can you respond promptly with an accurate estimated arrival time? Track Your Truck's innovative tracking technology allows you to take control of your fleet with accurate, real-time information about your tow trucks' locations. If you are not already using tow truck tracking, here are three key benefits to consider:

Improve Recovery of Lost or Stolen Vehicles

While it would be difficult to lose a tow truck, these trucks are highly valuable, and as such may be a target for potential thieves. Fleet tracking shows the last-known location of the truck, allowing you to recover it more easily. You can also use this information to more easily find client vehicles that are stolen from the truck.

Improve Productivity and Customer Service

When a customer is stranded on the highway waiting for a tow truck, efficiency is of the essence. You need to get your truck there as quickly as possible to provide towing service and get the customer to safety. Tow truck tracking makes this easier.

With a fleet tracking system, you will know where your closest truck is, so you can dispatch it to the waiting customer. You can also use the information and mapping technology to route the driver the fastest way, even working around traffic delays. This, in turn, gives customers a better experience and improves accurate arrival estimates. If you can respond quickly to a customer facing a serious problem, expect a return call if that customer is ever stranded again.

Improve Driver Behavior and Vehicle Use

Finally, make sure your drivers are behaving properly with the right fleet tracking system. With an effective system, you will receive alerts when drivers are speeding, idling excessively or performing other unsafe practices. You will also know when drivers are using vehicles without authorization. This, in turn, will save your towing company money as you crack down on these negative and costly driving behaviors.

Find the Right Fleet Tracking Systems with Track Your Truck

In light of these benefits, today's trucking companies need the services of a fleet tracking service. Track Your Truck has affordable, scalable fleet tracking systems that are ideal for tow truck companies. With features like driver behavior tracking, location mapping and maintenance alerts, these systems will help you better manage fleets by improving driver productivity and customer service.

Unlike our competitors, our systems are designed to fit the individual needs of businesses of all sizes. That means, whether you have three trucks or 300 in your fleet, our team will provide a system that works.

We also thoroughly test all systems before shipment, and they will come activated and ready to use. Simply plug in the system and install the software. With Track Your Truck, it really is that easy. Contact us today to talk to one of our friendly customer service representatives, and learn how tracking your tow trucks can be affordable and simple.

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