Not All GPS Systems Are Created Equal


As you start the search for fleet management software and GPS fleet tracking systems for your commercial fleet, you will quickly find there are numerous options. How can you narrow your choices to find a system that is right for your needs and budget? One way to determine the system’s quality and the service behind it is to look for carrier certification. Carrier certification ensures your GPS system will always function at its best, giving you reliable service 24/7.

What Is Carrier Certification?

Carrier certification means that the cellular and satellite carriers that provide the Data service have approved a GPS tracking device to be used with their system. By certifying a device, these carriers are ensuring the device will work as advertised and will not provide any conflict with the carrier's network.

Because the conflict that can occur with a non-certified device can be so damaging to the network, the carriers will sometimes ban these devices altogether. This could leave you with a costly system that is worthless if you purchase a system that does not have carrier certification. For this reason, carrier certification is a necessity as you shop for fleet tracking devices.

Carrier Certification Gives Peace of Mind

Carrier certification gives you the peace of mind that the GPS fleet tracking system you are investing in will work. Carrier certification is not just a stamp on the paperwork that comes with your device. It represents a stringent testing process.

To be certified, each device completes an intense testing and certification process. These devices are put through a stringent testing process at the carrier's lab before they are ever approved to be used on the network. This means that any issues with the devices will be spotted and dealt with before installation in your vehicles.

In addition, carrier certified systems are backed by a warranty that covers the investment. If something does go wrong, you will not be left holding the bill. Because of the certification process, fleet tracking service providers can confidently offer this type of warranty, further adding to your peace of mind.

What is the bottom line? If you are going to invest in GPS fleet tracking for your fleet — to maximize its efficiency and ensure that you are getting the most use out of your vehicles — you can't afford to ignore carrier certification. Carrier certification shows that the system has been thoroughly tested and approved, providing reliable service as you work to keep your fleet on track. As you navigate your choices, be sure to look for a carrier certified option.

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