Florists Benefited From GPS Tracking Over Valentine’s Day Weekend


Valentine's Day weekend is one of the busiest times for florists. With more deliveries than probably any other holiday, this is the day that florists spend hours creating stunning displays to deliver to sweethearts across the country. The estimated number of roses produced and delivered for Valentine's Day is 250 million, and the National Retail Federation estimates 36 percent of Americans will buy Valentine's Day flowers for a total of $1.9 billion spent. For florists who have delivery vehicles, this translates into hundreds of deliveries over the course of the weekend.

For some florists, vehicle tracking was the key to their success this past Valentine's Day. With a clear understanding of where their vehicles were and where they were heading next, modern florists were able to deliver on time and provide solid customer service — even on their busiest day of the year.

How GPS Tracking for Florists Helps Keep Deliveries On Time

GPS tracking for florists helps keep deliveries on time, even when companies have back-to-back deliveries. These systems provide the florist company or the dispatcher with up-to-date information to ensure that vehicles are routed efficiently to customer locations. Dispatchers can view traffic conditions real time and route drivers more efficiently.

By tracking vehicles and cutting down idle and travel time, this year's florists were able to accommodate more Valentine's Day deliveries. More deliveries meant more income on the popular holiday.

Finally, GPS tracking allowed florists to project accurate delivery times to customers. This accuracy helped florists deliver great customer service and avoid customer concerns about potentially late deliveries.

Types of Tracking for Florists

GPS tracking systems come in three basic types: Cellular tracking works well in metro areas with strong cellphone signals, as they use cellular towers to send data back to the servers to be processed for real time tracking. Satellite systems use satellite GPS technology to track vehicles in areas where cellular signals are sparse since all the data is being sent to the servers using the satellite system. Both of these systems can provide real-time data about vehicle location, speed and area traffic. Passive tracking provides regular, but not real-time, updates about vehicle locations, and may be less valuable to florists working on tight delivery schedules.

Improve Your Floral Deliveries with Vehicle Tracking

If you are a florist who is not yet using GPS tracking to improve your delivery process, you are missing out. Fleet tracking allows you to use your vehicles more efficiently, handle more deliveries per day with fewer vehicles and improve customer service.

Track Your Truck has simple-to-use, real-time tracking options with both cellular and asset tracking satellite/cellular options available, providing a variety of choices to consider as you look for the most efficient, affordable way to track your delivery vehicles. Our products come fully tested and activated. Simply plug them in or install them, access your personalized interface with the login information we provide you and start enjoying.

To see a demonstration of our vehicle tracking system, contact our friendly customer service team today.

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