Are Your Assets Safe?


While you would likely not consider running a business without insurance to protect your assets from a fire or natural disaster, studies have found that assets have twice as much risk of theft than serious damage in a disaster. In fact, the National Crime Information Center estimates that nearly 1,000 pieces of commercial equipment are reported stolen every month. While insurance may cover part of the cost of these losses, you still lose valuable time trying to track them down, not to mention the time lost on the jobsite when you cannot perform your required tasks without a piece of equipment. Summer is a prime season for these types of thefts, so this is a great time to start thinking about what you can do to protect your assets.

Making Jobsites More Secure

One of the first steps in protecting your assets — especially large equipment stored at a jobsite — is jobsite security. Insist on proper security protocols, which include:

• Locking equipment when not in use

• Storing keys and access cards in a secure location

• Requiring equipment to stay at its assigned site

• Perimeter fencing or other security to keep trespassers off the jobsite

These security measures may not be sufficient to prevent all theft risk. For additional protection, today's companies are relying on GPS tracking technology.

Add Asset Tracking to Reduce Theft Risk

There are multiple versions of asset tracking systems. Some provide real time tracking and a multitude of controls and other, less expensive systems, provide multiple location updates daily. It all depends on what your specific needs are.

Real time asset tracking programs provide real-time data about asset locations. With real time GPS tracking, you can set jobsite parameters and receive instant alerts if a piece of equipment is leaving those boundaries, allowing you to take measures quickly to put a stop to potential theft.

More passive, battery powered asset tracking systems allow you to provide law enforcement professionals with the last-known whereabouts of your assets if they are stolen. This increases the likelihood that you will be able to recover your missing assets quickly and avoid the costs associated with an insurance claim.

Tracking assets is not limited to large mobile assets, like those found on a construction site. Tracking shipments and boxes of inventory is another important benefit of GPS asset tracking, helping companies protect their most valuable assets and reduce the risk of theft.

Track Your Truck's GPS Asset Tracking Can Help Reduce Theft

Companies of all sizes can benefit from tracking for assets. Construction and service companies with large equipment and tools can track those, while smaller retail companies can add tracking to their inventory shipments. If you have mobile assets or are using trucks to carry inventory from one place to the next, your assets are at risk. Thieves are becoming increasingly bold in their attempts to steal assets, and you need to have your eyes on your equipment and inventory at all times.

Track Your Truck has tracking systems designed for assets that will give you the ability to monitor your assets from a remote location, taking action when you see signs of a problem. These systems are easy to use, with a simple web-based interface that allows you to track assets from any connected device.

If you are ready to start tracking your assets, contact Track Your Truck for a free demonstration of our GPS tracking systems. See just how easy it can be to protect your most valuable assets with the help of Track Your Truck.

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