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GPS Truck Tracking System

As a company owner or fleet manager in today's highly competitive transportation environment, the more information you have at your disposal, the more effectively you can monitor the performance of your drivers and trucks. A GPS tracking system for trucks enables you to gather essential data about your vehicles. You'll be able to make informed decisions that will increase efficiencies and significantly reduce your operating expenses.


How Does Truck Monitoring Work?

GPS truck tracking entails the installation of a tracking unit, typically under the dashboard of the vehicle. The device is out of sight and reach — the driver doesn't even have to know it's there. A web-based software platform that is accessible via an internet-connected computer or smartphone provides the tracking information.

GPS trackers typically use cellular transmission. It does require an area where there is cell coverage to transmit the signal. A driver could be out of range when traveling in remote areas, and the system will store GPS messages and send them to the system when the unit regains a cellular signal.

GPS tracking systems will provide real-time information regarding key indicators such as vehicle speed, location, direction and time, all of which are invaluable to fleet managers. They can also collect historical data, which fleet managers can utilize for analytical purposes.

Advantages of Tracking for Trucking Companies

Using GPS devices for truck tracking can provide a host of advantages for company owners and fleet managers, including the following.

Employee Monitoring

One of the biggest challenges in fleet management is knowing where drivers are and what they're doing when they're on the road. Truck GPS trackers can pinpoint the location of the driver at any time during the trip. Fleet managers can also determine whether the driver is traveling too fast or not taking scheduled rest stops. From a safety and security perspective, these systems can indicate if a vehicle has been involved in an accident or stolen.

Efficient Route Planning

Time is money in the transportation business. GPS trackers can deliver more route options, which can lead to more efficient planning. Drivers will get to their destination faster, spend less time on the road and consume less fuel. The driver dispatching process will also improve.

Live Traffic Patterns

GPS devices for truck tracking can also provide real-time traffic information. Dispatchers can alert drivers if they're approaching a congested area or a construction zone with backed up traffic. They can then suggest an alternate route to avoid the area and keep the delivery on schedule.

Why Track Your Truck?

Track Your Truck tracking solutions make it easier for fleet managers to reduce costs and provide better service. With our advanced GPS truck monitoring technology, you'll be able to improve driver efficiency. Our software is also customizable, which will allow you to adapt the devices to your unique vehicle requirements, continually giving you an excellent return on your investment.

Contact us to learn more about our GPS tracking systems for trucks and request a free quote today.

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