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Put the Brakes on Aggressive Driving

Fleet tracking helps you eliminate aggressive driving such as speeding and harsh starting and stopping. Save on fuel consumption, cost and pollutants; decrease costly brake repair maintenance; and reduce the risk of accidents and save lives.


  • Monitor jackrabbit starts to reduce risk and fuel usage
  • Stop harsh braking and reduce repair costs
  • Compare driving habits between drivers and offer a reward for best behavior
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Monitor Jackrabbit Starts

Accelerating quickly when the light turns green increases fuel usage, costs and emissions. At its worst, jackrabbit starts indicate generally unsafe, aggressive driving. Drivers should be encouraged to start more gradually, accelerating slowly and smoothly, before getting into high gear.

How Track Your Truck Helps

Fleet tracking lets you monitor jackrabbit starts so you can reduce fuel usage and decrease risk. GPS tracking systems detect quick increases and decreases in speed, and generate reports that indicate the occurrence of dangerous driving. Stopping bad starting saves money and is good for the environment, too.

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Stop Hard Cornering

Taking corners slowly helps your drivers stay safe, save lives and avoid accidents. A significant number of accidents are caused by aggressive driving.

How Track Your Truck Helps

Use our GPS tracking system to find out how your drivers operate your vehicles. Learn which of your drivers are driving aggressively. The tool even lets you assess changes in individual driver behavior over time.

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Stop Harsh Braking

Sudden, hard braking causes excessive wear and tear on brakes, the engine and tires, and it reduces fuel efficiency. Monitoring and controlling harsh braking saves a considerable amount of money in the form of lower repair bills and fuel costs.

How Track Your Truck Helps

Our GPS tracking system lets you monitor harsh braking so you can work with your drivers to curtail it. While the occasional harsh braking may indicate that a driver was avoiding an accident, repeated occurrences probably reveal a habit of aggressive driving. Either way, GPS technology gives you the information you need to address the problem.

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Reward Good Behavior

People often perform best if there are appropriate incentives, so consider creating a program that motivates your employees to become better drivers. Before implementing an incentive program, determine the criteria to set based on your overall goals. Decide on a time frame and a compelling reward, such as a bonus, a gift card or an extra vacation day.

How Track Your Truck Helps

Our fleet tracking reporting allows you to compare drivers’ behavior for various criteria, such as average acceleration, braking and cornering. Letting your drivers see how their driving behavior measures up to that of their co-workers creates healthy competition. Remember, when offering a reward for the best or most improved driving, be sure to maintain a positive work environment.

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