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Insider Secrets To Truck Driver And Customer Retention

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According to the American Trucking Associations, the truck driver turnover rate for the end of 2017 was at 88 percent. That means, on average, for every 100 truck drivers working for a single company, 88 of them left the company in 2017. In comparison, the average turnover rate for all industries in the U.S. is 15 percent. As you can see, the trucking industry has a major truck driver retention problem.

Read on to learn how to use fleet tracking technology to improve your driver turnover rates and how this will also help with customer retention.

Improved Work-Life Balance

If you are a manager of over-the-road fleets or team drivers, then you already know how long these types of truck drivers are away from home. While this is great for everyone’s wallet, it can be problematic with having a good work-life balance. This can lead to stress, more serious health problems, and issues with family.

Monitor the time that your drivers are out, and manage a better and more consistent home time schedule. This is possible with fleet management software that gives you a snapshot of driver behavior and work history.

This will help retain those millennial truck drivers who may be just starting in the trucking industry. Many millennials demand a work-life balance more so than previous generations. Consider providing more frequent home time for new hires until they adjust to life on the road.

Tools for Better Driver Behavior

Another aspect of employment that the millennial workforce — the largest workforce in the world consisting of drivers younger than 35 — demands is technology. Younger truckers grew up with a touchscreen tablet in their hands. They are more than ready to use electronic logging devices. In fact, they expect to use technology to make their jobs easier and more productive.

This is where your use of fleet management software can both help with truck driver retention and customer retention. Use software to track driver behaviors, and analyze that data to determine how your drivers can improve.

Rather than be offended with this information, new drivers are far more likely to make corrections. Whether they are speeding, harsh braking or not meeting deadlines, you have the tools you need to help them improve their skills. As a result, customers will be able to receive freight on time and in good condition, which boosts your brand image.

Making Mileage Count for More

Whether you are working with millennials, baby boomers or any generation in between, money talks. Truck drivers will work for a company that offers more money, and you want to be that fleet. One way to be able to pay your drivers more is with fleet tracking technology.

Along with making routing easier, you are also able to streamline routing so your drivers get on the fast track to freight deliveries. This helps you earn more as a fleet owner, which leads to profits you can use to reward and retain drivers.

Another tip here is to use this data to determine how much your company can pay drivers as a guaranteed minimum each week. Smokey Point Distributing and K&B Transportation are just a few of the trucking companies now offering at least $1,000 a week. This provides drivers with much-needed pay stability, leading to better truck driver retention.

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Using a GPS fleet truck tracking system by Track Your Truck allows you to accomplish all of these tasks. Learn more about truck tracking technology and give your truck driver and customer retention rates a boost.

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