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How Construction Companies Benefit From GPS Fleet Tracking Systems

How Construction Companies Benefit From GPS Fleet Tracking Systems

GPS fleet tracking takes technology and satellite imagery and puts it to work for your trucking business. Whether you are handling million-dollar freight loads or operating a fleet of heavy trucks hauling construction equipment, Track Your Truck has a smarter solution. Using fleet tracking technology, you can reduce expenses, improve your fleet’s life span and provide better customer service.

Read on to learn more about what you can expect when choosing GPS tracking for your construction company fleet.

How Fleet Tracking Works

GPS tracking for construction equipment involves a small device affixed to your truck or piece of heavy equipment. The tracking system uses GPS location to identify the location of the unit at all times. This allows authorized individuals to find your truck, trailer or equipment via a remote location. Along with being able to locate your assets at all times, safe GPS tracking via Track Your Truck offers additional benefits for any size fleet.

Save Money on Fuel and Driving Behaviors

The biggest concern of any construction company is likely about expenses. After all, the only way to increase your revenue is to decrease those expenses whenever possible. For your fleet, GPS tracking will help you lower fuel costs. By tracking your trucks, you gain access to highly detailed, real-time data reports. These reports include driver behaviors such as aggressive driving or excessive idling, speeding. You have the data to support a discussion of proactive driving changes among your fleet of drivers.

Avoid Unauthorized Use of Equipment

Quickly identify unauthorized use of construction equipment. We provide you with mileage reports that compile data pulled by monitoring your equipment engine hours. This way, you protect against employees or other unsuspecting individuals who use your equipment outside of work hours and without your permission. These unauthorized uses cost your company money in engine hours and fuel.

Recover Stolen Vehicles and Equipment

If you have stolen equipment, time is of the essence in recovering that equipment. A GPS tracking system puts you in touch with real-time data regarding your equipment. Law enforcement officers then have the tools needed to reduce the risk of this liability. Otherwise, trying to locate stolen equipment can be like finding a needle in a haystack.

Reduce Paperwork Errors

When coordinating with your shipping customers, you want to get it right — every time.. GPS tracking reports provide you with precise data in an easy-to-digest manner, giving you the evidence needed to support any billing claims for your construction company.

Improve Overall Customer Service

As you consider GPS fleet tracking for your construction business, note one final point. You want to use fleet tracking for any and all equipment including trailers for hauling equipment. Keep this in mind when looking into a full-scale fleet tracking system provider like Track Your Truck. You need the ability to track all of your equipment for the full security benefits, so piecemeal tracking equipment will not suffice. Go all in with fleet tracking systems designed for comprehensive construction equipment and vehicle management.

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