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How All Departments Benefit From GPS Tracking

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As you decide to invest in fleet management software, including GPS tracking, you need to be able to sell it to your entire team. While the pitch is easy to your dispatchers, you might have difficulty getting other team members on board, including accounting and customer service reps. Here to assist you in this task is a breakdown of the benefits that other employees will see from using GPS tracking.

Customer Service Commitment

Your customer service team is responsible for solving all of your over-the-road crises and dealing with customer concerns. Any tools you can give to your customer service reps will pay off in dividends — and this includes GPS tracking. With tracking technology, customer service agents can instantly locate a truck and freight load.

This information is vital for being able to provide real-time updates and an ETA for deliveries. Customer service reps are able to relay this information as needed, which can assuage stresses and concerns of shippers. As a result, your crew members benefit from fewer complaints and improved confidence in their ability to transport freight loads.

Delay-Free Dispatching

Above everyone else in your company, your dispatchers must have accurate information about freight shipments and driver locations. GPS tracking is the superior way to approach this task. Instead of having your dispatchers call, text or email a driver whenever they need to know an ETA or current location, tracking does this instantly. With access to fleet management software, dispatchers can identify the exact location of a vehicle at any time without hassling the driver. This increases driver confidence while saving the dispatcher the trouble of making calls constantly.

Insurance Adjustments

If your finance department is interested in reducing expenses, then fleet management tools are the way to go. By implementing GPS tracking, you greatly reduce the risk of freight theft or truck driver abandonment. Freight is tracked using satellite imagery to pinpoint the exact location of a truck and/or trailer.

Today, two of the biggest threats to freight are identity theft and fictitious pickups, both of which can be deterred by using GPS tracking. This technology enables fleet managers to track the location of a trailer or the actual pallets of freight. While fictitious pickups and identity theft are hard to prevent, GPS tracking enables you to save the day much more efficiently.

Accounting for Expenses

The bottom line for most accounting departments involves the almighty dollar. If your company can find a way to reduce expenses while improving productivity, it is almost always a win. This is how fleet management solutions like GPS tracking are a huge benefit. By improving freight security and customer confidence, your company can see financial gains in several ways — however, you must be able to show these gains.

As your fleet starts using GPS tracking, be sure to access the data gathered from this technology. This is the secret to making this fleet tracking tool work to your favor. Evaluate this data to determine how much your company is saving on fuel, equipment wear and driving time.

Opt for Fleet Management Tools

Great customer service spreads like wildfire in this industry, which can help improve your prospects. Furthermore, your clients will be able to depend on your shipping company to get their freight delivered on time, every time. As a fleet manager, you can foresee how well this can benefit your brand. Now, you are able to share the wealth with the rest of your team as you get everyone on board with fleet management using GPS tracking.

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