GPS Tracking for Boats and Barges

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Tracking marine assets can be simple and convenient with our GPS barge and boat tracker that provides accurate location of your river vessels. The ability to accurately predict when your barge will arrive and dock allows you to manage your loading and unloading equipment more efficiently. Using our GPS boat tracker not only provides piece-of-mind but allows you to better schedule the use of your river boats improving customer service, reducing equipment wear and boosting profits.

  • Barge tracking systems allows you to wireless monitor barge location using self-contained and self-powered GPS tracking devices.
  • NetTrack river barge and boat tracking application features easy-to-use mapping and alerting allowing you to provide dispatchers with the most recent location of your river-borne assets.
  • Customize barge tracking allows you to label load contents increasing situational awareness during the entire travel route from the Stevadore to the delivery dock.

Simple, Tested and Reliable Systems for Tracking Boats

Track Your Truck ship tracking solutions are customized to meet your business needs, no matter what industry you serve. With a variety of options from which to choose, from pure satellite to cellular systems and a mix and match of each, you can discover the most effective way to track your assets. Our tracking devices come fully tested and activated, and our customer service team is committed to you the customer from installation through the life of the system.

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