GPS Vehicle Tracking Systems

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Track Your Truck vehicle GPS tracking systems and solutions allow you to manage your business assets and resources effectively, providing access to vital information that helps improve your services and reduce costs. Our GPS tracking systems are easy to use, and delivered fully tested and activated so that you can start tracking your vehicles right away.

A Fleet Tracking Solution You Can Trust

At Track Your Truck, we understand that your business is unique. From service and delivery vehicles to barges and boats, we’ll help you find the right vehicle tracking solution to manage and control your business.

  • Service & Delivery Vehicles → Tracking and reporting capabilities allow business owners to improve operations through reduced employee idle time and faster pickups and deliveries.
  • Bus & Truck Tracking → Advanced reporting services help track an entire fleet of buses and trucks easily and efficiently. Improving customer service has never been so simple.
  • Sales Vehicles → Management solutions for sales vehicles include improved schedule management, lost driver assistance and accurate arrival/departure time predictions.
  • Heavy Equipment & Trailers → Knowing where your equipment is at all times not only increases job efficiency, but also reduces costs due to wasted time and unnecessary rental costs. Customized GPS tracking is the first step toward better business operations.
  • Marine: Barges & River Boats → Real-time tracking solutions provide updates on the “where” and “when” of River vessels. Loading/Unloading or scheduling movement of a barge becomes more efficient with GPS fleet tracking.
  • Assets → In order to minimize loss and damage of business assets, close monitoring and vehicle tracking is critical. With GPS asset tracking, you have better control over these assets as well as the employees and operations that use them.
  • Covert Tracking → Covert GPS vehicle tracking solutions allow owners/management to pattern driver behavior without driver knowledge, quickly exposing undesirable behavior. Covert GPS tracking also reduces possible tampering with the GPS tracking unit by the driver due to the hidden installation.

GPS tracking systems for trucks and other vehicles are essential to managing a successful business at a reduced cost. With real-time GPS fleet solutions, you can fully monitor your entire fleet of vehicles and keep track of employee time, fuel consumption, inventory and travel times.

Simple, Reliable and Tested Vehicle Tracking Systems

Track Your Truck products are tested and certified by leading wireless carriers, so that you know your system is guaranteed to work and keep you in compliance. If you experience an issue with your NetTrack tracking system, we are here to help. Just give us a call and a real, live person will assist you.

Also, as GPS technology advances and your business goals change, you can count on Track Your Truck to provide the necessary tools to keep you tracking forward. As we continue to develop new technology, we will alert you to upgrades and industry developments that can further improve your business.

Call us today to find the tracking solution that best fits your needs.

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